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Main features
Project X Type has been developed and realized according to the new standards of the modern data center and with the objective to maximize the performance of the machine.
The system meets all the quality requirements in modern data centers as:
• Flexible and modular system integration
• Absolute reliability
• Very low maintenance cost
• Energy monitoring and management integrated in the system
• No water consumption and related treatment
Main components
• Machine designed according to a CFD analysis (Computational Fluid Dynamics)
• SHR ratio = 1;
• Optimization of the air circuit;
• Optimization of the hydraulic circuit;
• New plug fans with EC electric motors and composite impeller of the latest generation, which guarantees a reduction of power consumption (ERP 2015 certification);
• New fans electric motor that do not require maintenance;
• Improvement of the control software, developed by RC Group, with advanced control logic;
• Bag filters of large surface that reduce replacement operations to once a year;;
• Panels fully removable to facilitate the operations of extraordinary maintenance;
• Supply fans with AC electric motors for fixed air flow (on request).
• “Software Advanced”: intelligent NET for IT Cooling, that maximizes the energy saving in LOAD SHARING (on request).
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