Efficiency And Reliability In A Compact Package

Efficiency And Reliability In A Compact Package
Precision Cooling for
Business-Critical Continuity
We Invented Precision Cooling
Emerson Network Power knows precision cooling. After all, we invented it back in 1965! Over
the years, our cooling systems have been proven as the world’s standard for reliable operation.
In fact, there are Liebert precision cooling systems in the field that have been in constant use
for over 30 years. Installed in thousands of critical data centers around the world, our latest
precision cooling portfolio offers the highest efficiency without compromising reliability.
Understanding the 3 R’s of Precision Cooling
Despite the claims of different vendors promoting their own, specialized solutions, there is no silver bullet when it comes to
precision cooling for every application. There is only the most appropriate cooling solution for your infrastructure, which may
or may not be appropriate for another. An understanding of each cooling design can help determine which cooling approach
and solution can best meet your business goals and infrastructure requirements.
Room Cooling
While densities are climbing steadily, low
density facilities remain the norm.
Traditional room cooling uses precision
computer room air conditioners (CRAC) and
is the most appropriate solution for these
low density environments. The low
complexity, ease of deployment and
precision humidity and filtration control of
these systems has seen hundreds of
thousands of units deployed in critical
facilities across Asia, with more added every
day. Combined with a raised floor, CRACs
deliver the best value for money and
represents significant increased efficiency
over building or comfort cooling.
While room cooling meets the specific
needs of a broad market there are times
when an alternative approach is required by
your business and infrastructure.
Row Cooling
If energy efficiency is top concern, row
cooling can improve efficiency over the
standard room approach by more than 30
percent. It supports high density
applications by the utilization of cold aisle
containment. Row cooling with SmartAisle
can further improve efficiency and provide
uniform and predictable temperature and
humidity control to equipment with or
without raised floor.
Rack Cooling
One of the proven best practice approaches
to dealing high density heat issues is by
bringing cooling technologies closer to the
source of heat. Specialized precision cooling
solutions for racks can support ultra-highdensity
applications, up to and above 30kW
per rack. This dedicated cooling approach
specifically cools a rack by providing the
best direct air flow intake of the critical
Regardless of the dimensions of the
challenge be it lowering energy usage,
reducing space, high densities, or any
number of issues in the network and data
center environment, trust on Emerson
Network Power to match it up with a
solution! We have the right cooling
approach, technology and product to
match your cooling needs. Our full range of
cooling solutions are suitable to room, rack
and now cooling approaches and can work
together to create the most dynamic ultra
efficient network possible.
Addressing Efficiency, Density and Availability with
Emerson’s Precision Cooling Profolio
Room + (Rack) + (Row)
0kW 5kW 10kW >30kW
Heat Density
Liebert PEX
Liebert CRV
TM Smart Aisle
Ultra Liebert XD
Compressors Evaporator Fan Condenser Fans Controls
The Liebert PEX: More Than A Single Energy Efficient component
The efficiency of the Liebert PEX is engineered into the product. Each component that
goes into the Liebert PEX is carefully tested to ensure that it will contribute to its
overall efficiency.
All enhancements to energy efficiency are designed to reduce operating time of key
components and increase the Mean Time Between Failure.
In addition to having components that are individually engineered to provide the best
efficiency, how these components work and interact with each other also contribute
to the energy savings you get with the Liebert PEX.
When to select Room Cooling
Low / Medium / High density environments
•In room / raised floor
Open architecture
•Delivers filtration and humidity control
•Thermal Mass minimizes risk of thermal runaway
•Low complexity / ease of deployment
•Broad capacity range
•Redundancy / load sharing
•Widest choice of cooling mediums
Suitable for Mega Data Centers
•For affordable and realistic redundancy
Energy Efficiency Space Savings Communications
and Monitoring
System Supervision
and Management
Multiple Configuraton
Digital Scroll
The exclusive Digital scroll compressor on Liebert PeX utilizes the latest technology to deliver precise & significantly high energy
efficiency. Emerson Precision Cooling units with Digital scroll technology actively manage achieving capacity modulation from 10
percent to 100 percent.
Copeland digital scroll combines the sturdiness of scroll compressor with capacity of operating with varying load. When the traffic
managed by the equipment faces sudden changes, the facility experiences thermal load peaks.
Scalable, the Liebert Digital Scroll automatically adjusts to yearly increases in heat load.
Digital Scroll Features:
< Capacity modulation from 10% to 100%
< Energy Saving with partial load
< Variable capacity compressor can improve efficiency at less than peak capacity / on part
load condition
< Quick adjustment with changing load
< Simple & Reliable mechanics
< Reduces power consumption as it modulates
< Eliminates traditional piston and valve that add weight & loss
< Better room temperature control
High Efficiency
Energy Efficiency is the main objective in designing the Liebert PeX DS. The exclusive Digital scroll compressor on Liebert PeX
delivers precise operation & higher EER. Digital scroll compressor provides variable capacity modulation that enables output to
precisely match changing cooling demands. This approach is 30% more efficient than traditional practices.
Improved Energy Efficiency
Loaded State Unloaded State
EC Fans
The innovative energy EC fan technology integrated with continuous speed control across the full operating range provides
greatest value to the end user.
The variable speed EC fan achieves wide range of air delivery & static pressure. They ensure correct air distribution even when the
facility expands.
EC fan can increase the air delivery to meet the demand of the new installed devices. EC motors feature a consumption of about
30% lower than the one by traditional AC motors.
Features and Benefits
< 30% less energy than average standard AC motor
< Backward curved, corrosion resistant aluminum fan impeller
< Electronically communicated motor, AC to DC conversion
< Direct driven with integrated electronics
< True soft start with inrush current lower than full load current
Infrared Humidifier
Maintaining a proper humidity in a room is as important as maintaining proper temperature. Improper humidity in a room can
cause static electricity if it is too dry or condensation if it is too moist. Liebert PeX DS utilizes an integrated humidification system
to provide the necessary level of moisture control.
Features & Benefits
< Fast, responsive, energy-efficient humidification
< Full capacity achieved in 5-6 seconds
< Particle free vapour into coil bypass air avoids condensation
< Auto flush cycle removes mineral deposits
< Lamps are not in contact with water
< Water quality has negligible effect on performance
Merging Cooling Technologies
The Liebert PEX becomes the ultimate solution by combing the most reliable cooling technologies in the industry

  • The EC fan and Digital Scroll (DS) compressor technology. EC fan plays an integral role in the Liebert PEX by providing effective

capacity control while retaining high energy efficiency and low noise levels. The DS compressor technology in the Liebert PEX
enables superior room condition, humidity and temperature control by adapting to changing heat load and latent conditions.
When you Need Flexibility In Cooling
Proactive Control and Monitoring of Critical Systems
Energy Efficiency with Teamwork Mode
The Liebert iCOM-control system featured on the
Liebert PEX brings high-level supervision to multiple
units allowing them to work together as a single
system to optimize room performance.
1 3 Easy Serviceability with Liebert iCOM
Monitors all key system functions and reports to
alarm, if needed
Additional Views Available with large Graphic Display
The optional Large Graphic Display features a 320×240 dot matrix
backlit screen with helpful system and maintenance views. It allows you
to see the average operation of the “system” or all units that are
working together in Unit to Unit (U2U) Communication mode for
Teamwork or Lead/Lag from a centralized location.
Removable display makes servicing easier
Adaptive Monitoring:
Increase Availability and Reduce Support Costs
Adaptive monitoring technologies allow easy information
maneuverability to key resources, whether you need to integrate
critical system data with your Network Management System,
Building Management System or enable a Web browser interface.
Liebert's monitoring technology puts critical puts critical systems
information at the fingertips of support personal – wherever they
are – addressing the increasing concern for improved internal
communication between management groups surrounding a
data center.
Ensuring Availability
Trim Down the Power Consumption
Key Benefits Of Liebert PeXDS:
<Secure your IT investment:
With Digital Scroll achieve more
performance at a greater value for
money, reducing energy demand.
<Just-in-time Cooling:
Digital Scroll deliver adaptive cooling
flow, heavily depending on the heat load
variations to always keep the precise
temperature level.
<Scalability and Efficiency:
Increasing dimension of your datacenter
or higher density will not force you to
further investment: the unit can in fact
adapt its performance to your growing
datacenter accordingly.
<Unique technology:
For competitive advantages without
comparison: never ending protection for
the IT infrastructure with the maximum
energy saving.
Dynamic Capacity Cooling Technology
Managed by the iCOM control system, the combination of these technologies not only provides precise temperature control but
also provides relative humidity control without initially resorting to dehumidifying or humidifying. It helps lower operating costs
and reduces energy consumption by as much as 30 percent, compared to standard cooling solutions.
Liebert PeXDS- The Advanced Cooling Technol ogy
Standard Unit Liebert PeXDS
Energy Analysis
Operating Cost Year
Upto 30%
EC Fan Effect
Higher Motor Efficiency
Humidifier Effect
SHR=1, means No Need to Run
COP & SHR Effect
Liebert PeX DS has higher
At 24°C, 50% RH
Cost at Rs. 6/kWh
Example: A 25kW Unit Working At 60% of Heat Load
Energy Efficiency
Digital Scroll Compressor for
highest efficiency
Infrared Humidifier for precise
humidity control
iCOM controller for optimized
room performance
Communications and Monitoring
Teamwork Mode allows units to
work together in rooms with
unbalanced loads
Unit diary shares history with any
authorized users or service contacts
Space Savings
< 15% more kW per square meter
compared to industry average
< Requires nothing more than direct
from access
System Supervision and Management
Enhanced remote communications
and control with Liebert Intellislot card
Centralized Management with
Liebert Nforms software
Enterprise Management with
Liebert SiteScan Web Software
Multiple Configurations
Seven different configurations for
Upflow and Downflow units
Configure for your specific needs
Liebert PEX: Energy Efficient Room Cooling Solution
Liebert PEX is the most accessible for the broadest range of business needs. It
represents a straight forward and effective solution to the majority of low to
medium density applications. It reliably services the thermal requirements of
critical data center equipment.
The solution requires nothing more than direct front access for installation and
routine servicing. This means that users can achieve 100% space utilization
around the unit and not suffer dead space caused by service access requirements
on the sides and rear.
Space Optimization
Liebert PeX DS Technical Specifications
1. Gross capacity based on 45°C saturated condensing temperature, 25Pa ESP.
2. Technical data subject to change without prior notice due to continuos product development.
Technical Specifications Liebert PeX DS Downflow Units
Model Size 120 125 135 240 245 250 270
Rated Unit Performance R22-kW
24°C DB, 17.1°C WB, 50% RH
Total 19.2 22.8 34.8 39.4 46.4 53.2 70.9
Sensible 19.0 22.6 29.6 38.4 45.6 48.2 59.6
24°C DB, 16.4°C WB, 45% RH
Total 19.6 23.2 34.4 39.8 46.9 51.5 69.0
Sensible 19.5 23.0 31.9 39.5 46.6 51.1 63.5
Rated Unit Performance R407C-kW
24°C DB,17.1°C WB, 50% RH
Total 21.9 24.9 37.2 43.9 50.1 56.8 74.6
Sensible 19.7 23.1 29.7 39.4 46.2 48.9 59.2
24°C DB,16.4°C WB, 45% RH
Total 20.8 24.3 36.2 42.1 48.9 55.0 73.1
Sensible 20.6 24.1 31.6 41.8 48.6 52.1 63.1
Compressor Type Digital Digital Digital Digital Digital Digital Digital
Scroll Scroll Scroll Scroll Scroll Scroll Scroll
Qty 1 1 1 2 2 2 2
Fan Type Backward Backward Backward Backward Backward Backward Backward
Curved EC Fan Curved EC Fan Curved EC Fan Curved EC Fan Curved EC Fan Curved EC Fan Curved EC Fan
Qty 1 1 1 2 2 2 2
Air Flow (CFM) 3800-4800 7500-9350
Unit Dimensions- mm
Width 850 850 850 1700 1700 1700 1700
Depth 850 850 850 850 850 850 850
Height 1950 1950 1950 1950 1950 1950 1950
Unit Weight- Kg 296 299 328 512 516 551 577
Technical Specifications Liebert PeX DS Upflow Units
Model Size 120 125 135 240 245 250 270
Rated Unit Performance R22-kW
24°C DB, 17.1°C WB, 50% RH
Total 19.2 22.9 34.7 39.4 46.0 52.4 70.0
Sensible 19.0 22.2 29.0 38.4 44.4 46.9 58.0
24°C DB, 16.4°C WB, 45% RH
Total 19.6 22.9 34.4 39.8 46.4 51.0 68.9
Sensible 19.5 22.7 31.2 39.5 46.1 50.2 62.1
Rated Unit Performance R407C-kW
24°C DB,17.1°C WB, 50% RH
Total 21.9 24.9 37.2 43.9 50.0 56.1 74.4
Sensible 19.7 22.6 29.2 39.4 45.1 47.6 57.9
24°C DB,16.4°C WB, 45% RH
Total 20.8 23.9 36.2 42.1 47.9 55.0 72.0
Sensible 20.6 23.7 30.9 41.8 47.5 50.9 61.3
Compressor Type Digital Digital Digital Digital Digital Digital Digital
Scroll Scroll Scroll Scroll Scroll Scroll Scroll
Qty 1 1 1 2 2 2 2
Fan Type Backward Backward Backward Backward Backward Backward Backward
Curved EC Fan Curved EC Fan Curved EC Fan Curved EC Fan Curved EC Fan Curved EC Fan Curved EC Fan
Qty 1 1 1 2 2 2 2
Air Flow (CFM) 3800-4500 7500-9000
Unit Dimensions- mm
Width 850 850 850 1700 1700 1700 1700
Depth 850 850 850 850 850 850 850
Height 1950 1950 1950 1950 1950 1950 1950
Unit Weight- Kg 283 286 315 490 494 529 555
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information or for any errors or omissions.
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